Menu noel 2018 ~ Dinner course ~

Menu noel 2018 ~ Dinner course ~

15000 yen

Tax is the price

Christmas plan delivered by Revenir (Rubnier).The acceptance period of the course will be December 22 (Friday) to 25 (Monday).※ For inquiries on the 23rd and 24th, please do not hesitate to call us ※ Dinner limited course


Limited Christmas Plan from December 22 (Friday) to 25 (Monday)

■ Les amuse-bouche

A gift from Rubnir


■ "" Huitre "" en gelae

Champagne Poche of Hokkaido Senpo Shugo oyster, that jelly and Oshetra caviar


■ Saint-Jacques poele truffe noir

Scallop powder pourer, vanilla flavored chrysanthemum puree, black truffle juice


■ KUE "cuit a la vapeur, creme noilly prat au oursin

Kishu Qua's Vapour and Omar Blue, Source Neiley Pratt, Wolf and Raw Uniform


■ Chevreuil roti puree de pignon de pin

Hokkaido Ezo deer back meat and foie gras lotion, pine nuts puree, oil of spring chrysanthemum


■ Avant dessert

Small dessert


■ Vacherin 2018

Vacheran made with Madagascar vanilla and domestic strawberry 2018