Rubnier charter plan

10000 yen

※ Private Lunch Lunch: 150.000- ~ Dinner: 200.000- ~

It is a suggestion that you can use French restaurant Ruvenir by charter.


About the contents of the course

We can prepare according to your wishes

We will respond flexibly so that your budget can be added to your convenience

(Example) Lunch time

Number of people: 20 people

Price: 10000 (for 1 person)

Price: 200000 (tax and service charge included)

Time: 12: 00 ~ 15: 00

~ Drinks ~ (FREE · DRINK 2 hours)

Foam for toasting · wine (white · red) · beer · oolong tea · orange juice

~ Course content ~ (8 items)

■ Les Amuse-bouche

Mussels of Mont-Saint-Michel and mousse of saffron

Tuna Burger

■ Compression de saumon et turbot

Compression of natural salmon and Tasmanian salmon

■ Congre poele et pied de porc

Pierre of Sennan Confucius, Pork leg and Italian rice, Balsamic vinegar

■ Soupe glacee de tomate

Fruit tomato cold soup, sardine confection

Olive Barbajon

■ Aile de raie cuir a la vapeur beurre blanc

Vaguar of Magazaki Red Eye

Bourbon Blanc with red wine vinegar

■ L'agneau AVEYRON roti

Roti of French Averon lambs thigh meat

■ Timbale elysee au banane

Banana 's Caramelise and Ganache' s Tambal Elysee

■ Mignardise