【Decouverte】 Dinner course created by Master by colored seafood

【Decouverte】 Dinner course created by Master by colored seafood

10000 yen

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We are delivering beautiful cuisine by making use of old and new technologies so that everyone can enjoy unusual feeling and comfortable time.Please enjoy bold and delicate French with harmony of classical and modern with eyes, with tongue, with fragrance ... 【Happy Food Table】 in Rubnir.


■ Les amuse-bouche

A gift from Rubnir


■ Presse de sardines et aubergine grille

Hokkaido 7-star (Oohara sardine) and baked eggplant Presence and liver vinegrette


■ Consomme de champignons

Fragrant High Inagawa Town Kanaka Consomme of Shiitake and Beef, Furan Furan


■ Jambon de supremes de poulet BANSHUUHYAKUNICHI

Banshu one hundred day homemade ham of raw chicken, raw noodles, vinaigrette betlab


■ Comme salade nicoise

Tailored Nice-style salad tailoring


■ Piccata de homard bleu au truffe noir

Omar Blue's Pikata, the smell of black truffle



Guryee from Hokkaido, Grenoble style


■ Cuisse de chevreuil roti sauce aigre-douce

Roti of Ezo deer Syntama from Hokkaido, Source Aigle Do


■ Les fromage affine

French-made mature cheese


■ Grand dessert

Today's dessert


■ Mignardise


■ cafe ou the

Cafe after meal etc.

※ menu is subject to change by the purchase situation and the like.Please note.