【Decouverte】 Dinner course created by Master by colored seafood

【Decouverte】 Dinner course created by Master by colored seafood

10000 yen

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We are delivering beautiful cuisine by making use of old and new technologies so that everyone can enjoy unusual feeling and comfortable time.Please enjoy bold and delicate French with harmony of classical and modern with eyes, with tongue, with fragrance ... 【Romantic table】 at Rubnir.

■ Les Amuse-bouche
A gift from "Rubnir"

■ Compression de saumon et turbot
Compression of natural salmon and Tasmanian salmon

■ Galette de sardine
Sardine and summer vegetables Kurushian, Garum (Italian fish sauce) cream

■ Creme gelee de mais et oursin
Cold corn cream, undressed beef consommé's jelly

■ Poulpe pistou aubergine
Combination of fountain octopuses and Quanzhou water miso paste

■ Salade betterave et Saint-Jacques
Salad with scallops and beets, vinaigrette with strawberries, homemade karareshi

■ Aile de raie poche beurre blanc
Sennan Kijuro Red Eye's Possier, Red Wine Vinegar Effects Boolean Blanc

■ Granite
Frozen dessert

■ Jambonette de caille et foie gras roti
Aichi prefecture Mikawa Yamabuki 鶉 and foie gras Roti

■ Avant-dessert
Small pleasure

■ Dessert

■ Mignardise

■ cafe ou the
Cafe after meal etc.

※ menu is subject to change by the purchase situation and the like.Please note.