【Decouverte】 ~ Lunch course ~

【Decouverte】 ~ Lunch course ~

8000 yen

Tax is the price

※ We have limited lunch course.


■ Les amuse-bouche

A gift from Rubnir


■ Presse de sardines et aubergine grille

Hokkaido 7-star (Oohara sardine) and baked eggplant Presence and liver vinegrette


■ Consomme de champignons

Fragrant High Inagawa Town Kanaka Consomme of Shiitake and Beef, Furan Furan


■ Jambon de supremes de poulet BANSHUUHYAKUNICHI

Banshu one hundred day homemade ham of raw chicken, raw noodles, vinaigrette betlab


■ Comme salade nicoise

Tailored Nice-style salad tailoring


■ Piccata de homard bleu au truffe noir

Omar Blue's Pikata, the smell of black truffle



Guryee from Hokkaido, Grenoble style


■ Cuisse de chevreuil roti sauce aigre-douce

Roti of Ezo deer Syntama from Hokkaido, Source Aigle Do


■ Les fromage affine

French-made mature cheese


■ Grand dessert

Today's dessert


■ Mignardise